Portable dental irrigator

High Efficiency

With high pressure water pulse 1500 times per minute, 360° rotating long nozzle,The water flosser can deeply cleaning every corner precisely that traditional brushing can not reach.Specifically designed for periodontitis.45-90psi meets different needs for different persons.

Cordless and Portable

Removeable water tank, 260ML, Light and Small Size, convenient to carry anyplace you want to go, ideal for use indoor and outdoor.
4 Flossing Modes
Strong ( H) , Middle ( M )soft ( L) and pulse ( P ) modes are selectable for different oral care needs.

Waterproof IPX 7

Making it safe to use in the bathroom or during shower. No need to worry about electric leakage.
With 800mAh built-in lithium battery, the oral irrigator can use more than 30mins without stop afer full charging.

With Memory Function

The main unit will keep the memory of the last usage modes under uninterruptible power supply condition,no need to setting everytime you use it, time saving and easy to operate.

Intelligent charging and battery protect function

The Unit will automatically turn off to protect battery when battery is running out;

The charging system will stop charging automaticly once full of charge.


Clean the surface of the tooth plaque, keep your mouth clean.
Strongly remove food debris stuck in the tooth, make more pure and fresh breath.
Better prevention of periodontitis, tartar, tooth decay and gingivitis occurs.
Clear tongue, remove bad breath, but also massage your stimulate gums well.
Solve difficult oral hygiene problems during orthodontic.